How to block Shopify store scrapers

Sep 23, 2021

Your website might be good enough to make it worth duplicating, enticing to attract a person with wrong motives. That is why in no way you can allow misusing your store datas or being stolen. Real-time store protection can help you stop malicious actions -  content theft, price scraping, data extractions, or any other form of web scraping.

Scrapers can potentially harm your Shopify store performance and knowing how to avoid them is a great advantage.

Stop infringing website with Shopify integrations - IPloged

We align our goal with Shopify merchants and that is to provide users a quicker response in securing their online stores.  We recommend our effective tool in helping store owners easily identify any suspicious activities conducted.

Advance features of IPloged:

Country Blocker (CB) - We give store owners the leverage of blocking visitors that use SpyTool & VPN/RDP.

Typically enables users to stop accessing any applications and filesfrom your online store in a specific country at any time.

Block Spy (BS)- One key factor in protecting your store is the ability to immediately block a spy. IPLoged allows you to fully shut off all internet traffic from a specific country in visiting your store.

Download visitors Log (DVL) -  safeguarding your store include generating visitors log conveniently to evaluate any dishonest visitors

Where to get the app: Block Spying Visitors And SpyTools at Shopify app list.

Protect your Shopify Store from bots.

Bot protection can preserve your product inventories being sold to auto-checkout bots that should be for legitimate buyers. Prioritize your store protection now before it hits your website. Optimize your customer’s experience immediately.

Shopify provides a complete guide on how to activate your bot protection. Visit  Shopify Manual by clicking this text.

Final Thoughts:

Web entrepreneurs’ have spontaneous growth in the eCommerce industry. We witness this dynamic market to explore and to excel. In as much as this industry presents us with countless opportunities, it has been a hospice of cybercriminals. Protecting your online business is not an easy task. Nowadays, with the rise of the eCommerce industry is the sprouting of solutions to help the genuine interest of the merchants that provides strategic ways in helping you to secure your stores and allows you to operate with peace of mind and with confidence.

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