Adding Tracking Info to Paypal from Shopify Sales automatically- Getting Started

Having a Shopify store and managing payment through PayPal could not be very easy, considering possible disputes, chargeback requests, or even negative feedback from customers are very overwhelming. It’s a nightmare for every store owner and we know that all these concerns add up to a higher financial risk.

There are numerous issues that may cause stress and anxiety to store owners in dealing with PayPal. One of those is money held without knowing the release date. This can be very frustrating when you're in a season of peak sales and just want to get your cashback faster than expected. Another holding factor with PayPal is that it is too worn out adding tracking details manually, resulting in a high reserved fund and eventually leading to PayPal account freezing or worse is account closure. All these require different approaches to keep you afloat with the competitions.

Having a good tracking record from Paypal may help you avoid those conditions. With the help of Shopify and Paltrack it gives for complete freedom of your time as it focuses on the automation process of syncing tracking information of fulfilled orders from your Shopify store to your PayPal account. By having tracking details synced automatically, one big factor is eliminated and that is the worry about when to get your money faster.

Paltrack enables you to automatically update your transactions between Shopify and Paypal. An effective tool that helps you overhaul your PayPal tracking record, protect you from disputes, chargebacks, higher fund reserved level, of course, fewer customers complaints, and most importantly improve your business cash flow.  PayPal adds tracking info instantly is a great way to maintain your positive credentials with Paypal.

There’s more! Paltrack has the capacity to retroactively sync old orders to Paypal by using our Back-In-Time feature; it allows users to retrieve and sync old orders that were fulfilled prior to the installation of Paltrack. This feature is exclusively ONLY with Paltrack. Leave nothing behind- indeed! Also not to mention that Paltrack can integrate multiple Shopify stores while maintaining a good standing record with PayPal. Just simply install Paltrack and learn how to add tracking Numbers to Paypal in no time. Paltrack as approved by both PayPal and Shopify, you will no longer have to go through any shady, complicated setup processes. The whole setup process takes just some clicks and it’s done. To sum up, Shopify and Paltrack ensure that the seller’s PayPal account is in good standing and in accordance with the users’ agreement for PayPal services.

Start Now and Be Ready to Save Time and Build Trust With PayPal.


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